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Wetlands: environment, safeguard, education
Programme Italie-France Maritime 2007-2013


ZO.UM.A.T.E., in accordance with the original project ZOUMgest, aims to promote protection and value of the many Wetlands of natural beauty included in the territory of the partnership, through awareness actions and environmental education. The new proposal has the intention to strengthen the activities of information, awareness and value of the environment. Particular attention will be devoted to environmental education as action that promotes changes in attitudes and behaviours, individually and collectively, and as a tool to raise awareness of the complexity of lagoon environments of the partnership and of the fragile balance that characterizes them, in order to make aware all possible users to assume a responsible approach towards them. The planned activities are aimed at all possible users of these areas but especially at children and school-age children so that they acquire a consciousness of protection and care of the goods that nature offers us. In line with this principle the project will address alternative educational proposals to the schools, which can be extended to a larger audience. The planned activities include: construction of exhibition areas and workshops; creation of a traveling museum to promote, at schools and major festivals and fairs of the land, the principles of preservation and protection of the lagoons; development of an Integrated Learning Plan for Environmental Education to be proposed to the Education Offices of the Partnership regions; implementation of educational and naturalist trails; creation of applications downloadable on mobile telephony.

Leader partner:
Autonomous Region of Sardinia


  • Province of Oristano (Sardinia)
  • Province of Lucca (Tuscany)
  • IMC International Marine Center, Oristano (Sardinia)
  • University of Corsica, Corte (France)
  • Province of Carbonia-Iglesias (Sardinia)
  • University of Sassari (Sardegna)
  • Natural Park of Porto Conte, Alghero (Sardinia)
  • Province of Pisa (Tuscany)

Duration: 16 Months (closing date: December 2015)
Budget: € 1.828.855,90