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Sustainable Water Management through Common Responsibility enhancement in Mediterranean River Basins
Programme MED 2007-2013



Water faces major changes due to increasing demand, irrational management and climate crisis. These issues over MED area with strong geo-socio-economical disparities but similar climate demand a comprehensive way of management to ensure both balanced development and water sustainable management. Water management (WM) in Med countries often lack crucial requirements of sustainable development such as the cross-sectoral approach and the public participation (PP). The project will develop, establish and disseminate a methodology for the integration of Agenda21, an effective tool for the sustainable development, in WM with emphasis on PP and common responsibility enhancement, WM plans development, and capacity building on the WM in Med area.

The aim of the proposed project is the incorporation of Agenda 21 principles in water resources management (WM) in the Mediterranean, targeting at the development and the application of sustainable WM policies. The participation of social partners in the development and application of the integrated plans of WM, the exploitation of social consultation methods and the enhancement of common responsibility constitute basic political choices of EU but also basic elements of sustainable water policy.
The project’s objective is the exploitation of the experience and the disparity of participants’ regional institutions in WM issues and the public participation (PP) in Med level, in order to produce methodological tools for PP in WM for the entire Mediterranean basin.

Leader partner:
ANATOLIKI – Development Agency of Eastern Thessaloniki (Greece)


  • ARPA Sicily Regional Environment Protection Agency (Italy)
  • Province of Lucca (Italy)
  • Aragonese Association of Local Authorities (Spain)
  • Water Development Department of Cyprus (Cypus)

Duration: June 2009 – May 2012
Budget: € 1.008.500,00