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Vermentino between Innovation and Tradition
O.P. Italy-France Maritime 2007-2013


The “Vertourmer 2.0” project is the continuation of the previous “Vertourmer”, of which the Province of Lucca was no partner. The main feature of the version 2.0 is the strong component of technological innovation and research, aiming to broaden the horizon of regional marketing, not only through the use of innovative information technology but also of biogenetic research tools. Actuallly, the production of territorial excellence was treated both from a promotional / commercial point of view but also from a scientific one. The range of excellent products has been expanded from those wine to those food. They were introduced in rural areas, characterized by a widespread presence of farms, new tools for the promotion and development of quality products not only the wine production, but also food. In this regard, the Province of Lucca has contributed to the project realizing the experimental platform for the study of genetic diversity of wine and local products. It has been settled at the Istituto Agrario a genetic laboratory for cross-border supply of services for the control (traceability), marking and certification of local products. The lab is available for students ( to increase their researching knowledge and capability), the companies of the cooperation’s area for the use of instruments pf analysis of molecular identification and traceability of food products. Project results:· Implementation of the Vermentino Museum of Castelnuovo Magra;· Implementation of the database of companies;· Creation of labels with QR CODE code to be placed on wine bottles companies to connect the consumer to the company;· Realization and promotion of thematic trails Vermentino Supported by info-point and instructional videos;· Realization of an experimental platform for the study of genetic biodiversity referring to typical products in Lucca;· Creation of a “traveling Enoteca” (Wine bus) to promote the Vermentino and typical products at events, tourist and gastronomic fairs. 

Lead partner: City of Castelnuovo Magra (La Spezia) 

Partner:· Province of La Spezia· Province of Lucca· City of Castagneto Carducci (Livorno)· Chambre d’Agriculture de la Haute Corse (France)

Duration: 30 months (May 31, 2013 – December 31 2015)
Total budget: € 215,900.00