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SHAring Prior Excellence and Support
for the MED creative asset

Programme MED 2007-2013



Sha.p.e.s. project capitalises 15 tools, experiences, models and results of the following projects, concerning innovation and creativity, and their governance: KnowInG (MED); CreaMed (MED); TexmedIn (MED); InFLOWence (Med); Smart+ (Interreg IV); DigiBit (FP7); INN EU (Interreg IV); Hidden (MED); Insmed (MED); SCORE (MED). This project aims at creating a common ‘container’ for all the tools available online – which will be managed in a Resource Centre – and at sharing and transferring proved methods, which will represent an engine for the creation of a common operational model and innovation. Sha.p.e.s. project has two different targets: a public one, such as Institutions and social representative associations, and a private one, that is economic actors divided in 3 large groups (art and culture, design, media). In all these sectors and in the related decisional processes, partners will share know-how and technology and will expand skills and awareness.

Leader partner:
ANCI Lazio – Italy


  • Province of Lucca, Italy
  • Municipality of Prato, Italy
  • Istituto di tecnologia Andaluso, Spain
  • Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Italy
  • BIC Lazio, Italy
  • Università dell’Algarve, Portugal
  • Associazione EUROKOM Calabria, Italy
  • Federazione dei Comuni Regioni e Province di Aragona, Spain
  • Istituto di Pianificazione Urbanistica della Slovenia, Slovenia
  • Centro per la Ricerca e la Tecnologia Greco, Greece
  • Agenzia di Sviluppo della Regione del Sud Egeo, Greece
  • Camera di Commercio ed Industria di Marsiglia, France

Duration: 18 Months (1 July 2013 – 31 December 2014)
Budget: € 1.295.200,00

The Shapes Model