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Logistic Platforms for Sustainable Development
Programme Italie-France Maritime 2007-2013

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The project aims to implement the trade relations among the territories of the cross-border area, especially among Corsica and the partner regions, through the strengthening of the infrastructural logistic system, with tangible and intangible investments, and the exchange of good practices, with particular attention to the issues of safety throughout all the logistic chain. In addition, the further increase of the import – export (already occurred within the activities of the project PIMEX) between Corsica and Italian partners will determine whether a reduction or a containment of the cost of goods, with benefits for citizens and tourists, both a decrease of the environmental impact deriving from the goods transport from French ports for which is required a longer time and thus a greater emission of pollutants. The activities include the enhancement of logistic infrastructures for the intermodal freight of goods (ship, train, rubber) in the cross-border area; monitoring of the flow of goods and people in the ports, in the waterfront, in the rear port areas and logistics hubs; the exchange of best practices in the logistical chain with particular attention to safety. In practice, investments that increase the logistic infrstructures of the partners area regarding the agri-food sector and the multimodal transport of goods; create a single computer system for monitoring the flow of goods and passengers of the port and logistic system, in order to optimize the processes of the logistics chain and to help to resolve the problems arising from the coexistence;
activate an exchange of good practices between commercial and logistic operator, with particular attention to safety.

Leader partner:
Province of Livorno (Tuscany)


  • Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie Territoriale de Bastia et de la Haute Corse (France)
  • Province of Lucca (Tuscany)
  • Municipality of Savona (Liguria)
  • Municipality of Olbia (Sardegna)
  • IRES Tuscany (Italy)

Duration: 26 Months
Budget: € 2.350.435,00