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Modèle Intégré Stratégique TRAnsfrontalier pour les activités du Littoral
Italy-France Maritime 2007-2013


The aim of MISTRAL was to improve relations among the companies of the chain of yachting, Ports, the Yachtsmen and the tourist induced to create a Pole of Competitiveness of High Pleasure Pleasure environmentally sustainable Mediterranean, innovative, integrated and evolved.Main results of the project are: knowledge of the marine industry; Innovative mapping; Relations among operators; Birth of a network; improvement fruition of ICT platform; definition of monitoring instruments; collaboration amog 5 ports in order to share procedures and objectives; analysis of the sustainability of the reffiting activities; improvement of production processes and service management and the phases of the order; dissemination and sharing of communication tools and resources between partners; knowledge and visibility of the project and results. 

Leader:Province of Lucca

Partner:· Commune de Sari Solenzara (Corsica-France)· Chamber of Commerce of La Spezia· Province of La Spezia· Ogliastra Province· Province of Sassari· Province of Pisa

Duration: 33 months (start date April 7, 2009)
Total budget: € 1,700,000.00