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Logistics and Transportation Security Goods
OP Italy-France Maritime 2007-2013

LOSE set the goal to reduce the risk resulting from the movement of dangerous goods and transport by using ICT tools. This objective was pursued through a system of articulated actions focusing three types of transport: dangerous goods and transports along the road and motorway networks; dangerous goods in port areas and urban centers; dangerous cargo in river areas.Outputs of the project were:· Studies and analysis of flows;· Testing of a freight flow detection system and calculation of the vulnerability of transport infrastructures;· Testing of monitoring of dangerous goods in ports.· Identification of times information solutions to monitor the flow of goods in transit and the management of emergencies;· Development of an information system to improve the city-port interconnections;· Implementation of an ICT architecture enabling the interaction of traffic of goods from the port and to the river network.· Exchange actions, governance and adapting policy: using focus groups and local protocols of collaboration between the various actors involved in emergency management; sharing experience and connection with the initiatives and policies in place; creation of joint recommendations to the Cooperation Agreement for the mobility management of dangerous goods, adoption of regulations and programming tools in the field of mobility. 

Province of Lucca


  • Territorial Collectivité de Corse (France)
  • Province of Pisa
  • Province of Livorno
  • Province of Sassari
  • City of Genoa

Duration: 36 months (start date June 16, 2012)
Total budget: € 1,790,000.00