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Measuring INnovation among EURopean subregions

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The project objective is to use interregional cooperation to improve quality of innovation policy at local level through sharing, integrating and transferring methodologies for measuring innovation. IN-EUR is based on analysis of existing methodologies for measuring innovation at NUTS III level. Through in depth, interregional exchange, methodologies are updated and adapted in order to produce a shared tool, the Advanced Local Balance of Innovation (ALBI) model, which can be applied to partner regions and on a wide scale outside the consortium. The project is articulated into 4 components:
to share, adapt and apply the existing models for measuring local innovation; to enlarge local and interregional cooperation on the overall theme and on specific models; to verify the model’s effectiveness through extensive local participation; to mainstream the ALBI model into local policy. Results: 8 local policies addressed; 1 integrated methodology for measuring local innovation(ALBI), tested in partner regions and widely disseminated in partner regions and outside; 1 set of guidelines on the developed and tested methodology; 2 reporting forms for the partnership (1 for indicators/methodology at local level, 1 for the governance systems oriented towards innovation); 8 territorial reports on Innovation policies experience; 8 territorial reports on indicators, methodologies and governance; 8 Implementation Plans; 43 stakeholders, including 16 policy makers, with increased capacity in orienting local innovation policies (through continued participation in project events);30 local actors mobilised for testing the ALBI model (validation and methodological refinement).

Leader partner:
South East Regional development Agency, Romania

– Lithuanian Innovation Center, Lithuania
– Local Councils’ Association, Malta
– Development Center Litija, Slovenia
– Bautzen Innovation Center, Germany
– Chamber of Commerce and Industry Marseille, France
– Roscommon County Council, Ireland
– WESTBIC – Business and Innovation Centre, Ireland
– Province of Lucca, Italy

Duration: 36 Months (start 1 April 2010)
Budget: € 1.454.576,76