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Programme Italie-France Marittimo 2007-2013


The aim of the project is that of protecting and valuing agricultural and forest sources within the Cooperation Area by actualising, spreading and capitalising the governance model developed in the Biomass project.
This model, based on the ‘short supply chain’, must be:
a) economically sustainable;
b) long-lasting, it must allow the forests to grow back and promote traditional cultivation;
c) socially approved by rural and suburban communities;
d) economically efficient for the agroforestry industry.

The project addresses forest owners and agricultural companies with a short supply chain, school students, the public to whom the information campaigns are directed, and policy makers.

The results will be: the activation of 6 new short supply chains, the organisational and logistic decentralisation of the short supply chain, the strengthening and diffusion of the short supply chain model, the improvement of chip market in the Cooperation Area, the increase in the tourism flows (both for work and study) in the involved areas, the reduction of environmental risks.

Leader partner:
Province of Lucca (Tuscany)


  • Office du Développement Agricole et Rural de Corse (France)
  • Municipality of Castelnuovo Magra (La Spezia)
  • CO.L.TI.VA.PR.A. Co.nsorzio L.igure Ti.picizzazione Va.lorizzazione Pr.odotti A.gricoli, Genova (Liguria)
  • Province of Nuoro (Sardegna)
  • Consorzio per la valorizzazione delle risorse agro-forestali di Villa Basilica (Lucca)
  • Consorzio per la gestione delle risorse agro-forestali delle colline lucchesi (Lucca)
  • Unione di Comuni Montana Lunigiana, Fivizzano (Tuscany)
  • Province of Grosseto (Tuscany)

Duration: 30 Months (start 1 June 2013)
Budget: € 2.048.920,00