bandiera europea e cartina europea
bandiera europea


Programme Italie-France Maritime 2007-2013


The aim of the project is that of promoting biomass-derived energy sources and testing the opportunity to reduce energy consumption and costs, to use less fossil fuel –that means, reducing pollution- and to value natural resources (reconversion of forests and agricultural areas). The project addresses to any subject interested in organising the supply chain for raw materials, crating plants, and using the energy and/or heat produced. Thanks to the project, it was possible to expand our knowledge about problems, experiences and opportunities related to the biomass industry, analysing it under several aspects: availability of materials, potential supply chains, identification of plant building criteria, policies related to plants, and the creation and organisation of the whole chain. Furthermore, it was also possible to increase our knowledge about the protection of forests and the improvement of their management, and, as for communication, we understood how to make people and interested subjects know the project results.

Leader partner:
Province of Lucca (Tuscany)


  • Office du Développement Agricole et Rural de Corse (France)
  • Regione Liguria
  • Province of Nuoro (Sardinia)
  • Province of Massa Carrara (Tuscany)
  • Province of Pisa (Tuscany)
  • Province of Grosseto (Tuscany)

Duration: 26 Months (Start 7 Aprile 2009)
Budget totale: € 1.850.000,00