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ITS Platform for inter-modal traffic information
Italy-France Maritime 2007-2013

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The strategic project “3I_PLUS ” has encouraged the development of the traffic service for inter-modal transport of all persons (citizens / general users), the real-time management of the mobility information and value-added location-based services. They were carried out specific project actions of some significant circumscribed areas for experimentation with the most innovative design assets. The project has achieved the first step toward creating an information infrastructure in the cooperation area for mobility, facilitating the movement of people and was based on a logic of integration and inter-modality. The user who intends to move within the area of cooperation will be supported during all the phases of the voyage; during the travel planning phase through the development of a travel planner usable in multi-device mode; while moving, being able to receive real-time information on traffic and the town circulation; Once he has reached his destination, using information provided by location services, which allow the achievement of strategic points (parking, interchange hubs etc ..). The user can navigate in the cooperation area by reducing the travel time and unnecessary movements.


Leader: Tuscany region


Partner: · Collectivité Territorial de Corse, Bastia (France) · Commune de Bastia (France) · Regione Liguria · City of Genoa · Region Sardinia · Province of Sassari · Province of Livorno · Province of Lucca


Duration: 36 months (start date April 1, 2011)


Total budget: € 6,000,000.00